Marcus - Director of Operations joined IGMG Entertainment in 2012 as a production assistant and was promoted to Senior Coordinator of Talent in 2014 and Director of Operations of NYC office. In addition to his day to day operations of IGMG-NYC, Marcus is also a certified fitness instructor and is currently undergoing his certification in executive protection.

Ivan H. Sutherland Esq. (Legal)

IGMG Entertainment

Marcus Edwards (Manager / Dir. of Ops

IGMG Entertainment (NYC)

Nori B. - As a senior managing partner, Nori oversees the day to day management of talent under the IGMG umbrella. As a former print model, production assistant and talent representative. Nori joined IGMG in 2015 as an Assistant Manager and was appointed Sr. Managing Partner in 2017. 

Ivan H. Sutherland - Chief Legal Counselor. Ivan joined IGMG in 2010 and has represented the company and its talent and employees for almost a decade. In addition to his role and responsibilities at IGMG Entertainment, Ivan continues to practice Criminal, Civil & Entertainment law.

Nori B. (Sr.  Managing Partner)

IGMG Entertainment

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IGMG Entertainment is an American based entertainment company established in 2009 that offers talent management services, music recording, television/film production as well as technical consulting and executive protection. IGMG staff work in partnership with their clients, many of which are career actors, models, musicians, writers and other profiled figures with the objective to have clients fulfill the highest potential within their personal and professional life. IGMG currently has offices in Los Angeles and NYC area.